Meet Ben.


“I didn’t know what I was doing at first. I applied to UCF first, and that was my first choice because I was attracted to how modern it was, and that it was close to home. All my friends were going there, because that’s where they could get in. I applied to UF because I didn’t know the difference between UF, FSU, UCF, so I thought I would just pick one. My mom’s boss, his son went to UF, and my orthodontist too, so I just applied. I actually fell asleep the day the application was due and woke up at 4:27 p.m., with the app due at 5 p.m., and I freaked. I woke up and submitted it last minute. After I applied, people kept saying, “Wow, you applied to UF? No one gets in, you won’t get in.” And I didn’t know all of that. But then I got in, and thought, “Thanks for telling me it was so hard,” because here I am now. Four kids from my high school applied, and only two got in, myself and my friend M’Lynn. The last person to come to UF before us was her¬†brother and he graduated in 2008. I was thinking about UCF, and a ton of my friends had gotten all these scholarships, but I applied late, so they didn’t have much. I found out about MFOS, and it sounded too good to be true. So I applied and called UF every week to see if I had gotten the scholarship. After calling every week for a month, and I left class and called UF again to see, because the decision deadline was really close, and they told me congrats. It was senior week, and that day was College Decision Day, so I pulled out my phone and accepted here. It was funny, my friends made me a shirt that was half UCF and half UF, since my decision wasn’t made yet. I got here and it was hard adjusting to the college curriculum: my high school was not good at prepping us for the classes. I had to learn how to study and adapt. I didn’t even know what a syllabus was: there were so many days where I would go to class and not know there was an exam. I got a mentor for MFOS who was a little scary, but really happy and she helped me with my schedule and time management.¬†Joining organizations really helped me get more connected and feel more at home.”


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