Meet Fabrice.

“My house got robbed. In the neighborhood we lived in, it got robbed like twice. It was just devastating. The people that robbed us were people I thought were my friends, people I thought were cool with me. It’s all just fake. I just wanted to get away from Jacksonville–nothing good came out of Jacksonville. I wasn’t accepted by black people. I’m black, but I’m not the black they wanted me to be. I had to overcome going to my neighborhood school. My mother really wanted me to go to a magnet school but there were none in the area or close, so the best one we could find was a charter school that started about 2 years ago, called River City Science Academy. It was in a basketball gym–that was our school  at first.The thing I mainly had to overcome was my environment. Being around those people, people that don’t take education as a priority, they don’t care what you do in school–it’s all about making money and about negative things.  Looking back, that was a better decision that choosing to go to my home school. Something bad was going on there, something not great. Going to that school was like an outlet for me, to become myself. I didn’t have to be something that I wasn’t, so that was good for me.  I was excited to leave. Jacksonville is not where my future ends or begins. I couldn’t get help from anyone in my family, anyone. Making friends is what I had to do. It’s not easy, but you’re forced to do it, being first-gen, so you can find out about all these resources on campus, that’s the hardest part. To me, education is the most important thing that you can give someone. Going to that school pushed me in a direction for a better future, so I could to go to college overall.”


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