Meet Jess.

“Before I came to UF, I never actually thought that I was capable of getting in, and I was always told that I was smart, but not smart enough. So I was always told to apply to PBSC and FAU and UCF and things like that and I automatically accepted UCF and I was just like “Whoa, I got into college.” I didn’t expect that was going to happen because I grew up without parents who finished college and my brothers didn’t go to college. When I was accepted into UF, I was like, “There’s no way this is happening.” And I couldn’t imagine not going (after I told everyone I was going to UCF, which was really disappointing). I told my parents and they were excited for me, not really knowing the concept of money, because they didn’t have a lot of it and didn’t know how to budget or save for that stuff. I told some of my friends I got in, and some of these girls who got into UM but not UF looked at me and said, “She got into UF, how did you not?” And it was just like, wow. I guess I didn’t really deserve it. It was a lot of my own self esteem that had to be boosted up when I got here–and now I’m here and I’m in my third year and I love it and I know I deserve to be here and I’ve deserved to be here since even before I got in.”


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